Addressing the Virus in the Room: COVID-19

What is COVID-19? Everyone has been thinking it and everyone is worried about it. So lets get into the nitty-gritty about what exactly we are facing and what we need to do to keep ourselves and our clients safe moving forward with the Covid-19 Virus. What we really need to understand is that COVID 19 is an infectious disease. This virus is mainly spread through droplets of saliva and discharge from the nose. This is why initially the 2 metre rule was implemented, because if ‘Marvin’ accidentally spits on you whilst speaking its less likely to land on you if you are standing 2 meters away. This is one of the main reasons the Beauty Industry has not been allowed to restart work again as it is next to impossible to maintain social distancing from your client when you are for example threading or waxing and even applying make-up on