Sweat-Proof Make-up Tips

Britain is currently enjoying a heatwave, with temperatures soaring to a huge 38 degrees in London last week. While great for our tans and vitamin D intake, the heat can be disastrous for our make-up. This is why we at Glamdeva have come to the rescue, sharing some sweat-proof make-up tips to make use of this summer. Make use of waterproof products You and your make-up don’t need to suffer in the heat. In fact, many make-up brands out there have created products to make sure of it. This is why as sweaty season encroaches, it is advisable to stock up on waterproof products. Go-to items include: Mascara Foundations Concealer Blusher Eyeshadow Get moisturising When we sweat and don’t wash straight after, it can impact our skin in a negative way, especially the facial area. This is why moisturising before applying make-up in the heat is a good idea. However,