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Makeup Hacks for Older Skin

The world of popular culture is constantly praising youthful women; women that appear to fight off the ageing process.

Putting a great deal of pressure on females to look a certain way, it is no wonder that the number of women having Botox has tripled over the past 5 years.

This is why at, we are keen to celebrate beautiful women of all ages, providing them with ways to express their beauty by booking professional, talented make up artists.

Below, we take a look at a few clever ways you can accentuate your features without the need for needles.

Concealer under the eyes

As the years roll by, our eyes become tired, with bags and dark circles being unavoidable. However, you can make your eyes appear more youthful with a healthy dab of concealer underneath the them. We advise going one shade lighter than your usual foundation. This will bring your eyes to life and make them pop!

A bold lip

Colour can do wonders, especially when applied to the lips. Where some older ladies can feel a little unnerved by bright red and pink lipsticks, a strong colour lip can be a really classy statement.

Strong blusher

Application of a good-quality blusher will help accentuate cheekbones whilst adding some warmth to your face, generally livening up your face and taking years off of you.

Book professional MUAs in your area

If you’re looking to have your makeup done by a professional makeup artist with the intention of showcasing a youthful look, we can help.

Through, you can search for and compare local makeup artists. And, once you have found a local artist you like the look of, you can place a booking, reserving your slot while leaving notes and pointers for the artist to read.

What’s more is that utilising the system is completely free. Simply sign up and get searching!


3 Million People Per-order New Makeup Gadget

If you’re anything like us, you will be a sucker for a makeup gadget, buying anything that makes the application of makeup as easy and flawless as possible. From soft sponges and motorised brushes to foundation spraying devices, the list of makeup gadgets now on offer to us is endless.

But, one new product is set to knock all others out of the park. According to makeup industry moguls the Luna Mini 3 has 3 million customers already, set to be the biggest gadget of 2020. Apparently, makeup wearers across the world have pre-ordered this facial massaging device created by Swedish-owned skincare brand, FOREO.

Massaging and cleansing the skin all at the same time, the Luna Mini 3 will go on sale in November, with prices starting from $219.

‘This is the most innovative launch in the history of FOREO and we are expecting to sell out in days, even hours, when the product hits shelves in November,’ FOREO’s Product Development Manager Dalia Fernandez said.

With celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Venus Williams and Miley Cyrus already giving their products the thumbs up, it is no wonder a Luna is sold every 3 seconds.

‘Like the rest of the Luna range, the devices are crafted from ultra-hygienic, softer than silk silicone that removes 99.5 per cent of dirt and oil from the face’ a spokesperson said.

Here at Glamdeva, we simply cannot wait to get our hands on one!

Book makeup and beauty professionals in your local area

If you are looking for beauticians and makeup artists to make your skin look flawless, you can search, compare and book beauty and makeup professionals via this website. Simply make your way over to our homepage and start searching for pros in your local area.


Kesha Launches Cruelty-free Makeup Line

The number of celebrities launching makeup lines is increasing by the day. From Beyoncé and Rhianna to Victoria Beckham, it seems every high-profile female woman is promoting her own makeup brand on Instagram.

Just this week, American beauty, Kesha, adds herself to that list, revealing news of her new makeup line, Kesha Rose.

Named after herself, the line is, according to Kesha, all about bold colours and glitter, providing men and women with everything they need to express themselves through the use of makeup.

But, it’s not the vivacious colours that sets this makeup brand aside from the rest.

Kesha Gold is 100% Vegan, with the ‘cruelty-free’ element of the brand being very close to Kesha’s heart.

Announcing the launch in a 30-second clip that she shared on social media, the songstress said:

“I think beauty is all about what’s inside your soul. I’m just an aura in a skin suit, but I do like to decorate it. That’s what this makeup is about. Perfect is not real and normal is boring.”

Later, the Tick Tock star revealed details of the rather cheerful eyeshadow pallet. Being unapologetically bright, the pallet comes in a luxurious branded velvet case. These are now being sold for a respectable £28.

In addition to the shadows, Kesha has also launched a range of pens that she says ‘can be used all over your body’. Where we expect most to use these colourful pens for the eye area, Kesha is encouraging people to get as creative as humanly possible with her products.

“I have pens that are called Whatever Wherever [Wands] and you can write on your arm to make fake tattoos or use it as a liquid liner that will not move.”

“I am a big fan of taking things and trying to go outside the box of what they’re used for” she says.

The ‘Whatever Wherever’ pens are on sale for £21, also being rather competitively-priced.

Looking to create a bright, bold makeup look? If so, book some of most innovative MUAs in your area via now!