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Winter Makeup Hacks

When looking for makeup tips, the internet is full of makeup advice centred around the summer. From beach looks to sweat-proof makeup looks, the web is jam-packed with ways to jazz yourself up during the hot weather.

This is why today; we take a look at the top makeup looks expected to take a front seat this winter.

So, if you are scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking for winter warmer looks, you’ve stumbled across the right page!

Burnt orange

Burnt orange is a colour we are seeing a lot on the catwalk. And, the autumnal colour is not just reserved for dresses and bags!

This winter, we advise getting creative with burnt orange eye shadow pallets; colours that combine both vibrancy and depth.

Great for those with blue or green eyes, a brush of orange under the eye can make your whole face pop!

The smokey eye makes a comeback

Smokey eyes have been a staple makeup look for over two decades now. And, there’s a reason for that; it’s a tried and tested eye makeup look that always looks professional and classy.

So, if you are struggling with ideas on how to take your makeup to the next level, going classic with a smokey eye may be the answer.

Deep red lips

Where bright red lips stole the show during the summer months, dark reds and purples are all the rage this winter. Offering a sultry look on all, ensure your makeup bag is full of deep burgundies!

Thick brow

Many years ago, we would all pluck our eyebrows to create thin, sharp brows. However, this trend has been and gone, with larger, thick and fluffy brows now on-trend.

So, whatever look you are going with, ensure you have a good eyebrow shadow and brush to finish it off!

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How to Do Your Makeup Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is the biggest makeup trendsetter of our generation, with her Kylie Cosmetics brand now being used by professional MUAs and your average Joes worldwide.

While used by all sorts of makeup users with all coloured skin, we all have one goal; to look like the makeup mogul that is Kylie Jenner.

Today, we take a look at a few of her iconic makeup techniques. So, if you are eager to replicate the celeb beauty’s look, read on.

Lip liner, lip liner, then some more lip liner

Kylie Jenner arguably broke the internet when images of her enhanced lips hit Instagram. Being very open about having surgery, Kylie quickly become synonymous with big lips, with the phrase ‘Kylie lips’ now being very much a thing!

While bolstered by a touch of collagen, Kylie also enhances her lips using lip liner. And, in her opinion, the bolder the colour, the better!

So, to recreate the Kylie lip, go heavy on the lip liner and accentuate that bow!

Feline eyes

Although supported by heavy false eyelashes and strategically placed eyeshadow, it is Kylie’s liquid eyeliner that makes her eyes stand out so much. So, if you want to be mistaken for the celeb, ensure your feline eye is on point.


Potentially coached by her contouring queen sister that is Kim, Kylie is also a dab hand at contouring, showing off her cheekbones and ensuring the light hits her assets just right. A simple foundation plus blusher setup just will not do if you want to channel Kylie Jenner.

So, there you have it; our Kylie makeup tips!

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Book your Halloween MUA!

While Halloween is a time for indulging in sweets and sharing spooky stories, it is also a night for creative fancy dress. And, nowadays, Halloween fancy dress costumes are enhanced by makeup, with both children and adults requiring professional MUAs to get their look on point.

Below, we look at the most popular looks for 2019.

Burnt/melting skin

Painting burnt or melting skin onto your face is a trend Halloween lovers have been indulging in for many years. Being immensely scary, this is a Halloween makeup style that you will see all over Instagram in the coming weeks.


We’ve come a long way from throwing on a black bin bag on October 31st.

Now, many taking part in Halloween are dressing as skeletons, having skull makeup painted on their face and neck.

Using clever blending techniques, MUAs are creating realistic skeletons that are true pieces of art.

Half woman/man, half corpse

The half and half look is another popular one, with makeup artists basically giving people two different looks by splitting the makeup down the middle. These tend to be contrasting images; one side being light-hearted and pleasant and the other usually resembling a corpse.

Spooky Disney characters

We all love Disney, whether we like to admit it or not. However, many are flipping the sunshine and rainbows of Disney on its head, giving a dark, spooky feel to sweetheart characters such as Snow White, Mulan, Cinderella, Princess Fiona and many others!

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