Meghan Markle’s Wedding MUA Shares Foundation Matching Tips

Meghan Markle’s wedding make-up will go down in history, with the Princess opting for subtle nude colours that gave for a classy yet glam bridal look. While her glossy lips and light eye shadow were the talk of the beauty industry, many credited her private make-up artist, Daniel Martin, for her flawless skin.

Choosing the perfect foundation to bring her complexion to life whilst giving that stunning, fresh-faced glow, Martin is regarded as a true genius when it comes to colour matching.

Just this week, he shared a few secrets and tips; some bizarre and others pretty useful!

So, if you are looking to make that perfect colour match with your foundation; read on!

Match your foundation to your stomach!

This is a trick that the Princess’ artist swears by. Eager to swerve that orange make-up line where the face and neck meet, Martin looks at a woman’s stomach before choosing a foundation to cover their face with. Explaining why, he says:

“I was trained to look at someone’s stomach before their face to match their foundation”.

“Before I start a client’s makeup, I always say, ‘Can I see your stomach?’

This, apparently, gives him a true window into what colour his client’s skin actually is.

“Alternatively, you should match your chest to your face, not the other way round,” Martin advised.

“Your chest often holds more redness, so you want to balance that to match your face.”

Martin also says when applying foundation, we should start from the middle of the face and work outwards, gauging how much foundation is needed on certain areas of the face that may be redder or paler than others.

Let us know what you think, do you have any ‘out there’ tricks when it comes to matching different skin colours with products?

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Pregnancy Beauty Tips from Meghan Markle’s Make-up Artist

Meghan Markle is the epitome of modern beauty, having evolved and adapted her style since her marriage to Prince Harry. Being the picture-perfect Princess, we have understandably been following her pregnancy beauty style, having well and truly bossed her look over the course of the past 9 months.

Where many women ditch the glam look as their pregnancy matures, Meghan has only become more beautiful. And, it is all thanks to her personal make-up artist, Daniel Martin.

Famed for his high-profile clients, Martin has worked on famous faces such as Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel. He is also the esteemed Colour Consultant for Jessica Alba’s successful make-up and skincare brand; Honest.

Finding a niche marketing amongst expecting celebrity Mums, he this week shared a few beauty tips that Mums-to-be across the nation will no doubt be trying out.

The pregnancy glow

Eager to create that pregnancy ‘glow’, Martin puts a great deal of focus on promoting a healthy skin look.

‘Skin can get dry and dull while you’re expecting, so I always like to amp up that pregnancy glow by applying highlighter to the high points of the face,’ he revealed.

‘Honest Beauty Magic Balm Stick is super convenient and works to soften and soothe skin while adding a dewy glow’ he added.

Combatting tiredness

If you have ever been pregnant, you will be well aware of just how much growing little humans can take it out of you. Wanting women to feel happy and beautiful, Martin recommends a few strokes of mascara to conceal those droopy eyes.

‘A few coats of mascara can make you look instantly more awake, a simple solution for a tired mom or mom-to-be’ he says.

A pop of colour on the lip

His third tip was centered on the all-important lip area.

‘A lip color can go a long way!’ he insisted.

‘It’s such a simple way to boost both your look and your confidence.’

If you are a make-up artist with any pregnancy beauty tips, we would love to hear them! Share them with us by commenting below.