Occasions that Require Booking a MUA

Do it yourself makeup tutorials do not work for every occasion. There are times when a touch of a professional help is needed. The main difference in applying makeup yourself and by the makeup artist is the way of applying it and the products. Makeup artists are creative and skilled people. The need for the service of the makeup artists has grown significantly in the last 5 years. The main reason is that they do not have the time or the products, nor the skill, to achieve what makeup artists can do – an art on your face that will just make you more beautiful. These are the occasions for which you should consider booking a makeup artist:

Weddings / Rehearsal dinners / Engagement parties

These are the events that are considered to be the most important days in your life. If they are your own, then they happen once and you should look your best. Your wedding is your happiest day and then is the time to shine. Rehearsal dinner and the engagement party are also occasions when many people will attend and you will be the center. The makeup artist will define the type of makeup you should wear, combine it with your hair and dress, as well as the venue and prepare your face for getting photographed. If you are attending someone else’s wedding or party from this form of event, then also, book a makeup artist because it is an official event.

Birthday parties / Prom and graduation parties

Birthday, prom and graduation celebrations are elegant and important events that have a dress code. With that dress code comes the makeup code too. To combine these two into perfect harmony, the outfit and the makeup must be matching and appropriate. For the makeup part, the makeup artist will find the best type and choice and get you ready for the occasion.

Corporate events / Business celebrations

Everything connected to the workplace must be balances and well thought. The outfit for the meetings and celebrations with your coworkers and partners is strictly smart-elegant. The makeup should also be balanced, but different from the one you wear every day to work. The makeup artist will know what we are talking about the moment you mention “corporate”.

Fashion shows / Photo shoots

Fashion shows are the places where new trends are born. Attending a fashion show is a huge deal in the fashion industry. Especially if you are in first row. Despite the outfit you wear, the hair and makeup is of great importance. You might appear on camera or on a picture in some magazine. That is why you should consider makeup artist doing your makeup. Photo shoots are also big part of the fashion industry. The photograph taken most regularly end up in magazines promoting certain clothes or makeup. Models are regularly being done by professionals who know what will look best on the front page or in the whole editorial in the magazine.

TV appearances

All the TV appearances are filmed and photographed under many lights and in front of the camera. The camera needs you to look good, and displays a different image of you. That is why, more aggressive makeup is needed. You cannot do it yourself without looking like a clown. So. Ask for the help of the professionals who do that every day. They will adjust your makeup to the proper light and temperature to the studio or the venue.



How to Apply Makeup in Under 5 Mins.

Every morning, every woman is going through the same struggle. What to do to stay longer in bed and get on time at work? How many minutes should be spent on hair? Are your clothes ironed? Well, we can’t help a lot with the ironing, but we certainly can share a few tips that will speed up the makeup routine and get you out of the door sooner. You do not have to overdo your makeup every day, especially if you are going to work and this is something you do every day. The workplace requires appropriate and balanced makeup, so this only makes the whole process easier. This means that every morning you can use your regular products and with precise and fast application to be a master in morning makeup routine. If you thought that applying a makeup under 5 minutes is mission impossible, follow these steps and you will be convinced:

Step 1: After washing your face, apply the moisturizer you use every morning, all over your face and neck. If you are using tinted moisturizer, then apply it evenly on the face and blend it with a makeup sponge so that everything will be covered

Step 2: Use the concealer and apply it under your eyes. Every type or this product works – stick, liquid or cream.

Step 3: Apply the eyeshadow in so neutral shade over the lead, with easy swipes.

Step 4: The use of the eyeliner is limited on the workplace. But, you can use it on the bottom lash lane, just on the corners of the eye and up to the middle of the lid on the upper lash line. Gently, draw a line, that will not be too bold but will keep the colour and frame the eye.

Step 5:  Accent your lashes with double application of mascara. It will not be too much but just enough to define them.

Step 6: Move to lips with applying a matte lipstick or bright lip gloss. The neutral shades are very much welcome at the workplace, they are natural and suit all the skin tones.

Step 7: For a natural glow, sweep your cheekbones with a powder bronzer or crème blush, whatever works for you is great. It will keep the fresh and radiant look on your face throughout the whole day.

With these steps we guarantee that your time in front of the mirror in the mornings will be much lowered.


5 Makeup Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Trying a new type of make might seem scary for many. If you are one of those who are following trends, and keeping up with them, then you certainly know that changes in the makeup trends are happening all the time. If 2017 & 2018 was all about contouring, the announcements for 2019 are far from it. In fact, many makeup artists suggest dissing the contouring and going for as much as natural look as possible. The healthy skin and glow are what will be trending this 2019 and according to the professionals in this department, here are the 5 makeup trends that you should try this year:

Geometry in the eyeliner

Updating your eyeliner look is on the top of the list. For any occasions outside the workplace, the change in the eyeliner is totally allowed. Upgrading and mastering this look will definitely change your makeup game. There are many suggestions you can find on the net, but to achieve them you will need an extra sharp pencil for precise lines and steady hand. Try many extraordinary lines and see the new look in the mirror.

Glitter on the eyes

If you thought that glitter is only for the New Year’s eve, then you are very wrong. The glitter appeared as a trend last year, and affected the fashion industry with bringing back the retro vibe of the ‘70s. This year, the glitter transfers on the makeup – bold, strong, accented. The shimmer and the glitter on the eyes will be so “IN” this season, so try it in many different ways – subtle shimmer across the lids, bolder in the inner corners or huge amount of it all over the eye lid.

Red on the lips

It is well-known that the red lip absolutely never goes out of style. What is different this year is that you do not have to sacrifice the other makeup so that the lip dominates. Do your bold makeup and apply any shade of red lipstick. Smokey eyes, eyeliner, contours – everything is allowed with the classic red lip.

Gloss on the lids

Another big trend in the makeup department is the wet-look lids. This look is different than the glitter because it requires less time and not so steady hand. So, after applying your eyeshadow, go over it with a lid lacquer. This will give your eyes different finish. Pair it with glossy lip too.

Lip strobing

Lip strobes are strobing metallic lip glosses that provide sheer to full coverage. As they can be worn alone or combined with a lipstick, they became popular at the end of 2018. If the pigments in these glosses are focused in the middle of the mouth, they will reflect the light and give the lips plumping effect.

Try these new exciting makeup trends and maybe you will be the new makeup queen.