Daily Beauty Guide

We all have certain daily routine that we do in terms of beauty. From the earliest age, we are told that the face needs to be washed. As we grow older, washing the face is not enough. This means that the morning ritual is becoming wider and starts to include more and more products. Getting fresh face and healthy skin is a long-term process that is influenced by internal and external factors. The internal factors include the genetics, our health and lifestyle. The external factors include the influences from the environment, the pollution, the air – all the surrounds us. So to keep the skin as healthier as possible and your face as fresher and younger as much longer, the daily beauty routine should be regular. Whether you are already doing something about your face or not, here are some of the most important steps that every woman should incorporate in the morning rituals:

Wash your face

Every beauty routine starts with washing the face. Depending on you skin, you can splash cold water which will decrease any swelling you might have, or you can go with hot water which will dissolve any fats and oils. However, it is important to use a washing gel or pilling cream for daily use. Wipe your face with a soft towel.

Tone it

After your face is clean, use a toner or micellar water. It will remove any dirt left and establish balance and base on your face for further products.

Apply moisturizer

Now it is time to use a day cream or any kind of moisturizer. Find the one that will best suit your skin type. It is very important to determine your skin needs so that you can nurture you face in the proper way.

Use light foundation or BB cream

After the cream or moisturizer is well absorbed, apply some light foundation of BB cream. These type of decorative cosmetic products are for everyday use because they are light and they do not give a cakey effect on your face.

Apply mascara and curl your lashes

Next in line of the beauty routine are the lashes. Use a lash curler first, and then, apply one or two coats of mascara, on both top and low lashes.

Healthy blush

The daily routine does not suggest contouring, but however, a bit of blush is certainly welcome. Add a bit of color on your cheeks and you can even apply a highlighter too.

Natural lipstick or lip-gloss

The last, but not the least important, is the lipstick. For daily outing, regular workdays and even informal events, keep the lipstick neutral. It can come in both shades of nude – creamy or pinkish. The formula depend on you – lipstick or lip-gloss, both are approved!


Top 5 Tips on Applying Eyeliner

You have certainly been in a situation when your girlfriends are assuring you that applying the eyeliner is the easiest thing to do. They say that it can be done in just one breath, but you are still finding it difficult. It is an annoying process and the struggle to apply it perfectly is real. The line should be flat, precise, clean. But in your case, it is all but straight and clean. Many women are facing this problem, so, to make it easier for all of you struggling for that perfect line, here are some of the best advices you can implement in this process:

  1. Instead of a pencil with a soft sponge at the end of it, use some matte eyeshadow and a brush. It might look that the pencil with the sponge is more appropriate and logical solution, but the situation in reality is different. The type of rubber or the sponge on the pencil can often be very rough, so the wet brush and the eyeshadow are much better solution.
  2. The hard pencil does not slide over the lid, it scratches. The result can be very painful, and the black line will have some redness along it. That is why it is good to warm the top of the pencil with a hair dryer, which will make it softer and easier to apply.
  3. It looks like you have run out of eyeliner, just in time when you need to put it. Don’t despair. The first thing you can do it so apply the mascara messier, leave a bit of it on the lid and then smudge it with a brush. The other thing you can try is to use a brush, and just over the mascara, apply a color and straight line just as eyeliner.
  4. The eyeliner line should start from the outer part of the lid and then work your way to the inner part. This way, the line will be straighter, more precise and just the way you like it, on both of the eyes.
  5. The liquid eyeliner looks much better than the pencil. If you have trouble making it with the liquid eyeliner brush, do it with the pencil first. After that, cover the line with the eyeliner. This is the best advice for the beginners.

Newest Makeup Trends Amongst the Stars

In the last couple of years, the trends in the beauty and makeup department are focused on accenting the natural look. Just a bit of foundation, highlighter or blush and red lipstick were an unavoidable combination for the most classical beauty look. In the eyes department, the only trend that survived and became a leading one also, was the smokey eye. After it, there was literally no one that concerned the makeup of the eyes and survived more than a season. All the beauty world has and it is focused mainly on face contouring, lipsticks and hair. However, the most recent tendencies suggest that the famous ladies from Hollywood are taking another direction, especially on the red carpet appearances. The accent here is being put on the eyeshadows in bring colors that makes your eyes pop. Emma Stone, Jennifer Connelly and Zendaya are just few among the stars who have presented this technique using red, yellow and orange shadows, all in service of accenting the eyes. If you used to avoid the eyeshadows in bright colors, it is time to experiment a little using neutral lipsticks and blushes and vibrant eyeshadows. According to your skin tone, try these eye shadow colors:

Pale skin

If you have a pale and light skin tone, it is best to use the light red or pink eyeshadows. Assuming that you have blue or green eyes, these colors will accent your eyes and give you a whole different look. You will bring a dose of color, which even allows you to put a tiny bit of pinkish blush on your cheeks.

Medium dark skin

The persons with medium dark skin can play with colors. Their skin tone allows them to try almost every color of eye shadows. If you have darker eyes, like Kendal Jenner, than go for the strong red or pink eyeshadow. If your eyes are with lighter shade of brown, then try the blues or orange shades. You will be amazed how your eyes will look.

Darker skin

Darker skin allows playing with bright colors, which means that the base that the skin color provides combines well. Yellow is one of the shades that will make attractive look, as well as the neutral white. It is important to create good contrast in order to make your eyes bigger and brighter.

The latest example of how good a vibrant color can look on eyes is Kim Kardashian. For the launch of her collaboration with her makeup artist, she promoted a look with a vibrant cobalt blue eye shadow.