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Dive into the world of edgy allure with our step-by-step guide to achieving Billie Eilish's iconic grunge eyeliner look—a statement that's as fearless as it is fashionable. Let's embark on this beauty adventure together, as we navigate the sea of smoky hues and bold lines that define the grunge aesthetic.

The Grunge Eyeliner Essentials

Selecting the right products is paramount to creating an eyeliner look that's both durable and dramatic. Opt for a jet-black waterproof gel eyeliner for its staying power and versatility. A sharp angled brush will be your best ally, allowing for precise application.

Mastering the Brush Technique

Your brush skills will make or break this look. Hold the brush at a slight angle and practice steady, fluid strokes on the back of your hand to build confidence.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Grunge Glamour

Begin with a clean canvas. Ensure your eyelids are free from oils by dabbing a touch of primer—this will help your bold creation last all night.

  1. Start with 'tightlining'. Apply the gel liner on the upper waterline to create depth. This technique is subtle but essential for the full grunge effect.

  2. Craft the wing. Starting from the outer corner, sketch a line following the natural slant of your lower lash line. Extend as boldly as you dare.

  3. Connect the wing to your upper lash line. Begin from the inner corner and thicken the line as you move outward, joining it with the wing tip.

  4. Smudge the liner softly along the lower lash line, connecting it to the wing to frame your eyes with the perfect grunge enclosure.

  5. Clean up any smudges or uneven lines with a pointed cotton swab dipped in micellar water—precision is key to nailing this insouciant yet intentional look.

Additional Tips for Enigmatic Eyes

  • For a smoky effect, gently smudge the upper lid line. This adds a sultry, lived-in vibe that's quintessential to grunge.

  • A subtle dab of highlighter on the inner corner can make your eyes pop without detracting from the raw energy of the look.

Aftercare for Your Grunge Masterpiece

To ensure your eyeliner withstands the test of time and the elements, finish with a dusting of translucent powder. For added longevity, a setting spray can be your final protective seal.

Gentle Removal for Sensitive Eyes

When the night's over, embrace a gentle cleansing oil to dissolve your grunge look away without harsh rubbing, safeguarding the delicate skin around your eyes.

Taking Inspiration from the Icon

Billie Eilish isn't just about the makeup; it's the confidence with which she wears it. Emulate her fearless spirit by pairing your grunge eyeliner with an attitude of self-assurance.

Embrace Your Inner Rockstar

With these tips, you're ready to channel your inner rockstar and turn heads with a look that's as timeless as it is trendsetting. Remember, beauty is about expression and individuality, so make this iconic grunge eyeliner look your own. Employing the narrative of a beauty journey, this guide invites Glamdeva's audience to experiment with a bold look that's rooted in music and popular culture. By providing expert tips and tricks, the post aims to educate and inspire, leaving readers equipped to express their personal style with confidence and flair.

An Irish native, Keira OConnor enjoys writing about Irish traditions, folklore, and travel spots, providing readers with a taste of the Emerald Isle.

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