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Winter Makeup Hacks

When looking for makeup tips, the internet is full of makeup advice centred around the summer. From beach looks to sweat-proof makeup looks, the web is jam-packed with ways to jazz yourself up during the hot weather.

This is why today; we take a look at the top makeup looks expected to take a front seat this winter.

So, if you are scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking for winter warmer looks, you’ve stumbled across the right page!

Burnt orange

Burnt orange is a colour we are seeing a lot on the catwalk. And, the autumnal colour is not just reserved for dresses and bags!

This winter, we advise getting creative with burnt orange eye shadow pallets; colours that combine both vibrancy and depth.

Great for those with blue or green eyes, a brush of orange under the eye can make your whole face pop!

The smokey eye makes a comeback

Smokey eyes have been a staple makeup look for over two decades now. And, there’s a reason for that; it’s a tried and tested eye makeup look that always looks professional and classy.

So, if you are struggling with ideas on how to take your makeup to the next level, going classic with a smokey eye may be the answer.

Deep red lips

Where bright red lips stole the show during the summer months, dark reds and purples are all the rage this winter. Offering a sultry look on all, ensure your makeup bag is full of deep burgundies!

Thick brow

Many years ago, we would all pluck our eyebrows to create thin, sharp brows. However, this trend has been and gone, with larger, thick and fluffy brows now on-trend.

So, whatever look you are going with, ensure you have a good eyebrow shadow and brush to finish it off!

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Sweat-Proof Make-up Tips

Britain is currently enjoying a heatwave, with temperatures soaring to a huge 38 degrees in London last week.

While great for our tans and vitamin D intake, the heat can be disastrous for our make-up.

This is why we at Glamdeva have come to the rescue, sharing some sweat-proof make-up tips to make use of this summer.

Make use of waterproof products

You and your make-up don’t need to suffer in the heat. In fact, many make-up brands out there have created products to make sure of it. This is why as sweaty season encroaches, it is advisable to stock up on waterproof products. Go-to items include:

  • Mascara
  • Foundations
  • Concealer
  • Blusher
  • Eyeshadow

Get moisturising

When we sweat and don’t wash straight after, it can impact our skin in a negative way, especially the facial area. This is why moisturising before applying make-up in the heat is a good idea. However, ensure the product you use is an oil control one, keeping your skin hydrated while minimising skin shine.

Setting spray

Though back in the day we used to use hairspray to set our faces for the night, there are now various products out there to seal your make-up and protect it from being melted by the sun. Setting spray can be bought at most make-up counters for less than £10, making it a pretty cheap way to keep the sweat at bay.

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Wedding Make-up Looks for 2019

Wedding season is now well and truly upon us. Now around half way through, we have started to see what wedding make-up looks are hot, and what are not.

Today, we explore the best make-up products, techniques and colours the beautiful brides of Britain are sporting on their bog day.

Blushing brides

Where last year was all about the contouring, this year we are returning to pinker blushers. Brides are enjoying the rosier cheek this year, with Mac’s Powder Blush product before perfect for creating a healthy glow. We particularity like wearing the Pink Swoon!


Though wedding looks were once about tradition and convention, we are now seeing brides get more and more daring with their hair and make-up for their big day. This has encouraged increased use of glittered make-up, with sparkly eyeshadows, blushers and even lipstick being on-trend.


False eyelashes and weddings go hand in hand, with all brides wanting that editorial look when for their all-important pictures.

In 2019, brides are going larger than life with their lashes, with mink eyelashes proving rather popular. Being thick, jet black and perfect for making the eye sparkle, mink lashes are a wedding beauty must-have.


Putting further focus on the eye area, wedding MUAs are also experimenting with eyeliner. Elongating the eye with liquid eyeliner wings is a look we are seeing a lot of this season.

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