Lady Gaga Launches Her Own Make-up Line

From Beyoncé and Rihanna to Kylie and Rita Ora, almost every influential female artist we know has at some point launched a make-up line. While some have been incredibly successful, others have not been, it really is the luck of the draw. Now, it looks like it is Lady Gaga’s turn; a singer that has until now been all about the music. According to sources, the Poker Face singer will be launching her line very soon, this week releasing a feature campaign video to get us all excited about Haus Laboratories. Staying true to her style, there is said to be a great deal of multi-use make-up products in the collection, inspired by her early days where she used cheap products to create colourful, vibrant and innovative looks. Customers and MUAs can apparently make use of “multi-use colour items for cheeks, eyes and lips come in six shade families, with