3 Million People Per-order New Makeup Gadget

If you’re anything like us, you will be a sucker for a makeup gadget, buying anything that makes the application of makeup as easy and flawless as possible. From soft sponges and motorised brushes to foundation spraying devices, the list of makeup gadgets now on offer to us is endless. But, one new product is set to knock all others out of the park. According to makeup industry moguls the Luna Mini 3 has 3 million customers already, set to be the biggest gadget of 2020. Apparently, makeup wearers across the world have pre-ordered this facial massaging device created by Swedish-owned skincare brand, FOREO. Massaging and cleansing the skin all at the same time, the Luna Mini 3 will go on sale in November, with prices starting from $219. ‘This is the most innovative launch in the history of FOREO and we are expecting to sell out in days, even