Winter SPF – and why it’s important

We all know that makeup can only go so far towards creating beautiful, flawless skin – and that taking care of your complexion is the most important step towards a glowing, healthy look. And we’re also aware that means slathering on the sunscreen whenever you’re out topping up your tan – or even just walking around on a summer’s day. But did you know that you should be wearing SPF in winter too? With the sun low in the sky, and days spent huddled inside, you might not think it’s necessary to protect your skin. However, experts tell us that we’re still at risk even on the greyest, cloudiest of days – and here’s why. First, it’s important to understand the difference between the different types of UV rays. Although UVB rays, which cause your skin to burn after prolonged exposure, are most prevalent between April and October, they are