The best must-have beauty dupes on the High Street

Of course, in an ideal world we’d all have limitless funds to splash out on the beauty brands recommended by celebrities and glossy magazines. But in reality, few of us can afford to be quite so indulgent with our shopping. Luckily, help is at hand. Here’s our guide to the best high street products that work just as well as their premium counterparts.  Dream Lumi Touch Concealer Pen by Maybelline Love Yves Saint Laurent’s Touch Eclat concealer but put off by the price tag, which doesn’t leave much change from £30? Thankfully, Maybelline’s alternative is a dead ringer for its more expensive twin. Like the original, it brightens up under-eye areas and makes it look as if you’ve had plenty of beauty sleep – even when you’ve done nothing of the sort. Rose Gold Makeup Blush by Sleek Orgasm Blush by Nars is one of the most popular beauty products