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Makeup, Make-Up or Make Up – Which One is Right?

If you’re a fan of reading beauty blogs, or even perhaps an aspiring writer attempting to make your own mark on the industry, it’s a conundrum that you’ve no doubt encountered time and again. What, you would be forgiven for wondering, is really the right way to spell makeup? Should it have a hyphen, like make-up, or be written out as two separate words? Here, we aim to solve the riddle once and for all.

Makeup, Make-Up or Make Up - Which One Is Right?

Essentially, “makeup” is what is known is a compound noun — i.e. a noun made up of at least two different words. But unfortunately, that doesn’t immediately clear things up. Because in the tricky world of English grammar, all three spelling options (makeup, make-up and make up) are technically correct when it comes to compound nouns.

Generally speaking, though, the single-word version of a compound noun is usually the preferred spelling — unless there is an obvious reason not to use it. So when it comes to writing the word makeup, most spellchecks and grammatical tools will recognise the single-word spelling as correct.

In other words, while make-up and make up are not wrong, exactly, makeup is typically the preferred choice. Which means that it’s the correct spelling when the word is used as an adjective as well. So makeup counter, makeup artist and makeup brushes would all be the optimum versions. 

But just to confuse things more, there are some instances in which the spelling “make up” would be preferred — such as when it is being used as a phrasal verb. For example, the phrases “Lizzie, please make up the models” or “Can you make up the bed” would both be correct.

Got that? Don’t worry, we all know that it can be confusing. And realistically speaking, you’re unlikely to get called out no matter which spelling you decide to use. But if you want to win one over on the grammar police, this is the guide to follow.

Shall we get started on MUA?
Let’s leave that to the next blog! 🙂


Winter SPF – and why it’s important

We all know that makeup can only go so far towards creating beautiful, flawless skin – and that taking care of your complexion is the most important step towards a glowing, healthy look. And we’re also aware that means slathering on the sunscreen whenever you’re out topping up your tan – or even just walking around on a summer’s day.

But did you know that you should be wearing SPF in winter too? With the sun low in the sky, and days spent huddled inside, you might not think it’s necessary to protect your skin. However, experts tell us that we’re still at risk even on the greyest, cloudiest of days – and here’s why.

First, it’s important to understand the difference between the different types of UV rays. Although UVB rays, which cause your skin to burn after prolonged exposure, are most prevalent between April and October, they are not the only thing that has the potential to cause damage. As we know, the sun also omits UVA rays – and these come with their own health hazards.

According to experts, UVA rays are the main cause of premature ageing and wrinkles that come about as a result of exposure to the sun. And they can also play a role in skin cancer as well. Worryingly, however, these rays do not fade with the seasons – they are equally as intense in winter as they are in summer, thanks to their ability to penetrate clouds. So for as long as it’s light outside, your skin is under attack.

What’s more, some winter activities – such as extreme sports or simply walking outside in cold climates – can exacerbate the harmful effects of UV rays. Because snow and ice reflect up to 90 percent of light, these environments put you at even greater risk of sun damage. And if you’re high up on a mountain skiing or snowboarding, this risk intensifies with altitude.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the ozone layer – which absorbs the sun’s harmful rays – is thinner in winter than it is in summer, leaving you at an increased risk of damage such as burning, ageing and wrinkles. So if you want to keep your skin looking young and fresh, it’s important to slap on the sunscreen – no matter what season it is outside.


All the details on Paris Hilton’s wedding hair and makeup

When socialite and celebrity Paris Hilton tied the knot with her partner, venture capitalist and entrepreneur Carter Reum on 11th November, the eyes of the worlds’ press were firmly turned towards the glamorous Los Angeles venue. After all, Hilton made a name for herself as one of the original It Girls, famous for being famous – and for starring in her own reality TV show.

Now, at 40 years old, Hilton has moved on from her rich-girl persona and cultivated a classy, grown-up look that’s all her own. And where better to showcase her unique style than at her own wedding? Here’s everything you need to know about the hair and makeup choices that the new bride made on her big day.

For makeup, MUA Steven Tabimba took inspiration from one of Hilton’s idols – the screen siren Marilyn Monroe. Speaking to, he said, “The look is very classic. It’s very heavily inspired by a Marilyn Monroe kind of feel.” And the LA-based Tabimba should know best – after all he’s been working with Hilton throughout Paris in Love, the 13-part TV series that documents her relationship with Reum.

“She really left it in my hands, and said, ‘do your thing. I love the way I feel when you do my makeup, I feel so beautiful.’” So what exactly did Tabimba do? Well, after prepping Hilton’s skin with a moisturising cream from La Mer, he used an eye cream from the socialite’s own collection, ProDNA. Then, after applying a luminous foundation by Anastasia Beverly Hills, he used a Make Up for Ever concealer to create a flawless, glowing complexion.

Next, it was time to build that quintessential blushing bride look – and for this Tabimba used a light rose shade from Dior. On top of that, he layered a Makeup by Mario bronzer and a pressed powder by Charlotte Tilbury to set everything in place. 

To complete his vision, Tabimba created a natural eye framed by Hindash’s Heroline liquid liner – a waterproof and smudgeproof formula guaranteed to withstand any wedding day tears. Then, to create a little drama, he added soft Ardell lashes and a slick of pink Viva Glam II lipstick by MAC. 

But what about Hilton’s famous blonde locks? How did she decide to style them for her special day? With the help of celebrity stylist Eduardo Ponce, she walked down the aisle in a clean, simple style that let her stunning dress do most of the talking.

To begin with, Ponce prepped Hilton’s hair with products by salon brand UNITE and added Luxy Hair extensions to boost volume and length. Then, after blow drying, he began to create the elegant style, building more volume with UNITE’s Boosta spray. Speaking to, he explained “Since I knew we were doing an updo, I wanted her hair to have that grit. Clean hair is never ideal for an updo.”

Next, Ponce smoothed more UNITE products – this time their Second Day and Smooth&Shine styling creams – through Hilton’s pony to create a bun, pinning it in place and shaping the bangs with a T3 curling iron. And finally, he used two more UNITE favourites, 7seconds Shine Spray and Session Max, to hold everything in place.

The result was simply stunning. When Hilton walked down the aisle, she looked world’s apart from the pink-clad, mischievous blonde that many remember from shows such as The Simple Life. Instead, she had transformed into an elegant and sophisticated bride – a real fairytale ending to a very long and very public journey.