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Glamdeva launches makeup tools brand, GLAMX

Back in May 2019, innovative beauty tech start-up Glamdeva launched to great fanfare and acclaim. And before long, hundreds of artists were enthusing over this innovative approach to booking beauty services. But then the pandemic hit, plunging the UK into a series of lockdowns and putting the day-to-day operations of this promising new venture on hold.

Luckily, founder and entrepreneur Gurinder Randeva is not one to let an opportunity pass her by. Instead, she focused her energies on developing Glamdeva’s e-commerce side. And now, beauty brand GLAMX has launched, winning over industry professionals and establishing itself as one to watch over the coming months and years.

After 15 years spent honing her skills across a variety of industries, Gurinder built upon her first-hand experience of the beauty industry to develop Glamdeva: an online platform that allows users to browse and book a wide range of services in one place. Supported by impressive tech and a dedicated community of users, it soon became one of the success stories of 2019. Happily, Gurinder’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed. In October she was awarded the title of Entrepreneur of the Year at the Welsh SME Business Awards and the following year she was named one of Insider Media’s 25 Rising Stars. Of course, 2020 presented some unexpected challenges, but the team behind the brand have remained as strong as ever.

With bookings for in-person services still on hold and uncertainty of when things would return back to normal, the team at Glamdeva turned all their efforts into GLAMX – and it shows. With a focus on beautiful, quality makeup tools at affordable prices, the brand has already been welcomed by professionals and looks set to win over even more fans. 

Currently their range starts at less than £30 for a seven-piece brush set, with more products being added on a regular basis. And with over 13,000 followers on Instagram, they’re obviously doing something right. In other words, those who want professional-quality tools that won’t break the bank should definitely watch this space.

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Why does makeup pill – and what can you do about it?

It’s one of those things that every beauty lover dreads. You’ve perfected your look, taken some awesome Instagram shots and you’re headed out ready to turn heads. But suddenly you realise that, horror of horrors, your makeup has begun to pill. Unfortunately, it’s a surefire way to turn a glowing, airbrushed look into a flaky disaster. So what exactly is going on – and how can you stop it from happening?

According to experts, there are actually a number of different explanations for this frustrating phenomenon. One of the most common, it turns out, is incompatibility between your pre-makeup routine and your foundation. Sometimes, the wrong primer or moisturiser can react badly with other products, preventing things such as foundation and highlighter from sticking properly to your skin.  

But that’s not all. Apparently, the problem can sometimes lie with the formula itself – particularly if you’ve been cutting corners and opting for a cheaper brand. With more expensive, long-wearing foundations, the effect will have been thoroughly tested to ensure that pilling does not occur. But cheaply made formulas aren’t likely to have been put through the same rigorous processes, making them more likely to peel and flake over time. And even if you have managed to avoid all of these potential pitfalls, you can still fall victim to pilling simply by applying your makeup in the wrong way.  

So what’s a girl to do? Well, the first step is to check the labels on your products. Essentially, you want to make sure that the ingredients in your moisturiser or primer are not hugely different to what’s in your makeup, reducing the risk of the products interacting with each other in a negative way. In other words, don’t try and layer an oil-based foundation on top of an oil-free primer, or vice versa.

Finally, when it comes to applying, avoid slathering on too many layers as that can prevent products from drying – and cause them to flake. So stick to a light layer and, if you want more coverage, choose a product that offers that instead. At the end of the day, you will get a much better effect with a lighter touch, and be less prone to pilling too.

While there is no magic wand that will help you wave goodbye to this troublesome issue for good, these tips should help you avoid any unexpected makeup disasters – and leave you looking your best.  


Best setting sprays for longer lasting makeup

In a previous article, we looked at how the right primer can prep your skin and help deliver a long-lasting look. But for real all-day makeup, you’ll need to bookend your routine with a setting spray as well. Designed to stop foundation, eyeshadow and more from slipping down your face as the hours tick by – which is, of course, a basic beauty no-no – these clever products will keep you looking fresh for hours. Here’s our pick of the best.

All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay

A real cult favourite, this setting spray is loved by celebrities and professional MUAs alike, and it’s easy to see why. Although it’s not the cheapest option around it’s worth every penny, delivering a light mist that will keep your makeup in place for an incredible 16 hours.

Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray by Charlotte Tilbury

In these days of ubiquitous face coverings, any setting spray needs to be hardy enough to withstand the constant pulling on and off of cloth and paper masks. Luckily, this formula from Charlotte Tilbury is up to the job. Although it’s also on the pricier end of the spectrum, the results are impressive.

In Transit Pollution Shield by thisworks

Want a setting spray that works to protect your skin as well as your makeup? This fine mist from thisworks creates a barrier to keep out damaging pollutants, while aloe vera and hyaluronic acid will reduce redness and boost hydration. Oh, and it will stop your foundation from slipping too!

Dew Bomb Setting Spray by Lottie London

If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank, this setting spray by Lottie London is an excellent choice. Made with rosewater and aloe to leave your skin dewy and soft, it promises to lock in your makeup while delivering real, long-lasting benefits.

Splash Setting Spray by Algenist

Another setting spray that puts skin first, Algenist’s Splash actually has more in common with a serum. Packed full of active ingredients such as polysaccharides and algae extract, this clever formula works to keep skin hydrated while ensuring your makeup stays put. As an added bonus, it offers protection from free radicals as well.