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Skincare Tips When Working from Home

Second Lockdown

With a second lockdown recently having being announced many will be returning to working from home for a definite period of at least four weeks. During this period it will be particularly important to maintain good routines for when you finally do return back to your normal place of work. One thing to pay particular attention to is your skincare routine. Whilst many of us think that this is limited to just cleansers and skincare products there are other things you can implement into your routine to help give your skin that extra boost.

Drink water

You will probably hear time and time again about how drinking water is crucial for your skin. Drinking water should not be limited to the summer alone, in fact, our skin tends to feel duller during the winter months, this is due to the harsh weather and also probably because we tend to opt for hot drinks such as coffee more, which do absolutely no favours to our skin. Our skin can become dehydrated and lack that extra glow. Therefore it is just as important to drink water in the winter as it is in any other season. Drinking water is also known to significantly increase energy levels and brain function.

Give yourself a mini facial

With the closure of close contact services, getting your regular facial from your trusted beautician seems like a lifetime away. You could instead look at giving yourself a mini facial. It doesn’t have to be as rigorous as what you would receive from a salon based professional, but you could start by exfoliating and perhaps use a face mask more often than you usually would. This should help to give your skin that boosted glow until you are able to visit salons again.


Using SPF all year round is a must, whilst we may believe that it is only essential during the summer months, it is equally as important in the winter months. A common misconception is that being indoors means that SPF is not necessary. Research has shown that UVA rays, which make our skin age, can still penetrate glass panes on windows. It is therefore important to wear SPF all year round, regardless of whether you are indoors or out!

Double Cleanse

You may have chosen to reduce the amount of makeup you decide to use during the lockdown. Even so, it is still a good idea to double cleanse your skin. Firstly to remove any makeup worn during the day and then again to remove any other impurities you may accumulate and not removed properly. Good skin is definitely the perfect base when you do eventually start to apply makeup on your skin. Using a gentle cleanser won’t have too much of an impact on all the natural oils from your skin. If you’ve got naturally oily skin, you may want to use a foaming face wash which is appropriately gentle, whereas if you’ve got dry skin it’s generally better to use a cream or lotion form of cleanser to avoid too much irritation.

Our Pro’s at Glamdeva are highly skilled and will be able to work with most skin types using the correct products and techniques. We will be available to take online bookings from the 2nd December 2020.

Google News

Glamdeva Gets Approved by Google News Publisher!

Glamdeva is an online booking platform for mobile beauty services such as hair & makeup. Over the past few months, we have been updating our blog to bring relevant news and blogs to our visitors.

Google News recently spotted our activity and therefore verified our blog as a Google News Publisher. Many such service-based websites are out there in the marketplace, but not all get Google News approval.

Content is King

Glamdeva believes in rolling out information that is thoroughly researched and makes sure that the piece of information is first of its kind. Well established websites such as BBC, Sky News, Daily Mail are approved buy Google News and one definitely knows the credibility factor of every piece of information published on these websites. Google News doesn’t have any personal favourites, however, good quality content or information is always liked and appreciated by the Google News algorithm, and the reward is seen through its acceptance.

Google News approval can be really tough, if one is not a news source, but faking it. No search engine optimisation of a website is good for Google news, unless it is a source of genuine news. According to Google, “news” is not something that is published on BBC or Fox News or any other news channel/website, but something that is fresh and real.

If you are of the notion that only news channel gets approved by Google News, then let that notion go because Glamdeva has proved it to be a myth. Being a platform for beauty and makeup service, Glamdeva is one of its kind to get the Google news approval due to the credibility of the piece of information that this website has been publishing on a constant basis. Be true to your audience and Google will reward you with the deserving. Google news also accelerates the website traffic.

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