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Post Lockdown Hair and Makeup Trends!

It’s been a tough few months to say the least, and as we begin to return to what is being referred to as our ‘new normal’ one thing for sure is that we are all rearing to go with a new found confidence and determined attitude. Some of you may have embarked on a weight loss journey, a new skincare regime, or even started your own business! Whatever it maybe we are all looking to show off our achievements post lockdown.

Concealer Application

Common Questions About Concealer Application

While famous make-up artists make contouring and blemish cover-ups look rather easy in tutorials, the truth is, concealer is a bit of a minefield. With so many brands, textures, shades, and application processes out there, it can be hard to know where to start when getting ready for a night on the tiles.

This week, a famous make-up artist, Morgane Martini, shared his concealer tricks and hacks. Detailing how best to conceal lines, dark shadows, and generally uplift different areas of the face, the Marc Jacobs Beauty Ambassador gives us all the details we need to create iconic glam looks on ourselves.

When to put concealer on

Where we tend to think of concealer as the first layer of make-up, Martini advises that we wait until after we have fully applied our foundation to add on concealer. Explaining why he says ‘foundation is supposed to even out the whole base first and then you apply concealer where you need more coverage’.

Where does concealer go?

Think concealer should just go under the eyes? Well, according to this MUA, you are wrong! As well as applying under the eyes, he recommends putting concealer on ‘smile lines, chin and centre of the forehead just above the brows’. This is said to brighten up your whole face.

Can a concealer be a foundation?

Martini says, if you find a concealer that is a great texture for your skin, there is no reason why you cannot apply it as if it were a foundation. Who knew?

How do you apply concealer?

Where some MUA’s swear by the brush, others say you can’t go wrong with a clean sponge. However, when it comes to the concealer application process, Martini believes that brushes, sponges, and your finger all have their purposes.

“If I want more coverage I usually use a sponge because you can buff the texture into the skin really nicely. If I am being very delicate I use my fingers and some brushes. I love a little round fluffy brush to apply concealer, especially for areas like under eye and sides of the nose” he says.

So, there you have it; top concealer tips from one of the biggest make-up pros!

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Best British Beauty Brands

Since the Brexit, British beauty brand sales are booming on the global market. Besides the well known Beatles, Burberry, and the handsome Beckham couple, Britain has to offer a number of cool beauty products. Here is a list of the most famous British beauty brands.