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How to Provide Mobile Services While Keeping Social Distancing in Mind

With some lockdown rules being relaxed and most non essential businesses planning their return to work, many hair and beauty professionals will be thinking about what a post-lockdown working day will look like for them. While great to see things getting back to normal, the underlying threat of infection will understandably still be playing on our minds. This is especially the case for those providing mobile services, with people having all sorts of concerns about visiting other people’s homes and places of work.

Below, we provide a few tips for those providing mobile hair and beauty services, looking at ways to operate whilst keeping social distancing in mind.

Go alone

If you usually take another employee with you to jobs then it is advisable that you refrain from doing so, limiting the number of people unnecessarily interacting with each other and being of close proximity. The same goes for the client. Before getting to their location, it may be an idea to have a conversation with them, ensuring that when you get to them you will be meeting them and only them.

Avoid unnecessary contact

Whether it be a welcome hug or a more formal handshake, it is human nature to be tactile. However, given the current climate human contact needs to be limited. Another way you can limit contact is by avoiding unnecessary chit chat. For instance, if you are waiting for rollers to set, stand two meters away from your client, putting as much space between you as often as possible.

Travelling to and from work

If you want to continue to protect yourself from the risk of contracting Covid-19, you will need to think carefully about the way in which you travel to and from your appointments. If you do have a car and it is feasible to use it, then do. This is because using crowded trains and buses during peak times will only increase your exposure to others, thus heightening the risk of exposing yourself to people with the virus.

Don’t take on unnecessary work

The truth is the world has changed, with keeping safe being our priority where it used to be making money. For this reason, it is important that you only take on work that you need, rather than saying yes to as many jobs as you can. Again, this will limit the number of people you see.

Online tutorials

Here at Glamdeva, we are seeing many HMUA’s become creative in light of these challenging times, utilising the wonders of social media to share their talents. From online make-up classes to hairstyling tutorials, the internet provides a way for the industry to share and even charge for their ideas without having to physically interact with another soul. So, if you are deeply concerned about the relaxation of social distancing rules, exploring other avenues of income may be something to look into.

Allow Glamdeva to connect you with customers post-lockdown

If you are looking to fill your diary with appointments for when it is safe to work, be sure to set up a professional account on the Glamdeva platform. Being the UK’s only online marketplace for the hair and beauty industry, Glamdeva is the only sales tool you will ever need.

Wedding makeup artist making a make up for bride

5 Steps HMUA’s Can Take in Preparation to Returning to Work

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has had a huge impact on businesses all over the world, with all types of companies having to adapt in order to stay afloat. This includes HMUAs, with hair and beauty businesses all of a sudden finding themselves without any customers to beautify.

While having more time with family and enjoying our homes is nice, there are still things industry professionals can do to ensure they are prepared to return to work post-lockdown. Below, we look at 5 tasks HMUA’s can perform to ensure they re-enter the world of work with a bang!

Increase sanitation of all products

Covid-19 has taught us a lot about hygiene. Now, we are thinking carefully about what we are touching and how often we are washing our hands. As you will be offering mobile services,  it is a good idea to establish ways in which you can increase the sanitation of your tools whilst on the go. Hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes are convenient when you need to clean a surface quickly. Thinking about having a throw-away sheet to lay your products on can help reduce the collecting and spreading of germs.

Speak to clients in advance and undertake your own risk assessments

Conducting risk assessments before each job will soon be the norm, with businesses responsible for gauging risks before offering mobile hair and beauty services. Having an open, frank conversation with customers prior to bookings is highly advised, finding out if they have been infected, have been in contact with anyone who has or if they are sharing their home with anyone classed as ‘vulnerable’. This works both ways, if you as an artist have also been affected then it is your duty to be as transparent as possible.

Remember, safety is ALWAYS the priority here.

Carry sanitation products to all bookings

With supermarkets and local stores quickly running out of sanitation products, hair and beauty pros cannot rely on their customers to have hand sanitiser at their premises. For this reason, carrying your own to bookings is something to consider. Again, this will go a long way in protecting you and those you come into contact with. It is also a good idea to find out if you will have access to facilities that will enable you to safely wash your hand or quickly clean your tools if needed!

Decrease cash payments where possible

Since the outbreak, cash transactions have decreased by more than 70%, with banknotes and coins renowned for absorbing and transmitting bacteria. If you are looking to operate your business in a safe manner, it is highly recommended that you decrease cash payments where possible, opting for card and online payments where you can.

Consider PPE for all bookings

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to protect the wearer’s body from infection, with a few notable hair and make-up brands suggesting that they will be wearing such equipment as social distancing rules are relaxed and workers are being phased back in. If you want to return to work and be safe in the knowledge that you are doing all you can to protect yourself, purchasing PPE is certainly the route to go down.

How Glamdeva can help you bounce back

Here at Glamdeva, we provide an online resource where HMUAs can find customers within their desired locations, with our sophisticated platform allowing them to find customers, make appointments, and take payment. If you are looking to fill up your diary, set up an account today. We have also been looking at ways in which we can help you reduce your risks such as setting up taking full payment facilities and providing PPE for our providers wherever we can. Glamdeva will update all its providers once products become available.

And remember, the comeback is always greater than the setback! Let’s work together and be well prepared.