How much does it cost to hire a Makeup Artist?


The price of a makeup artist can range from anything starting from £35 – £1000. This significant difference is dependent on the Makeup Artists qualifications/skills and what they are providing the service for. The varying factors are listed below with a breakdown of why the costs differ so much.

Wedding Makeup

Makeup artists usually charge a little more for bridal makeup as they will want to use their top of the range products and specific techniques to achieve a flawless bridal look. The price would usually include any veil settings and for Asian weddings, in particular, dupatta/chunni settings too. You can expect to pay anything between £100 – £1000 depending to the makeup artists skills and experience.

Party Makeup

Party Makeup starts from around £35 and can go up to a staggering £150. The makeup techniques used would differ to those that were having bridal makeup. However, in a generation where people are heavily influenced by social media, some techniques used such as contouring are increasingly requested, hence making the glam heavier and in turn increases the costs. Similar to bridal makeup party makeup prices will also increase depending on the experience of the makeup artist.

Prom Makeup

You can expect to pay similar prices for prom makeup as you would for party makeup. Again as certain makeup trends become more popular the demand increases to perhaps have heavier makeup to ensure that the look created would most definitely get noticed. Prices would, therefore, increase depending on the complexity of the makeup and the amount of glamour achieved.

More generally price of makeup will also increase depending on the travel distance that the makeup artist will have to travel, this is usually factored into the overall price depends on the artist and their level of qualifications. If for example, you wanted to hire a celebrity makeup artist you would expect to pay for their travel and possibly even any accommodation costs if required.

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