The best selling cosmetics of all time

Every so often, a product comes along that sits head and shoulders above the rest, earning it a place in the beauty hall of fame. And when that happens, consumers take note – often ensuring that these must-haves remain bestsellers even years after their release. So what are the most popular beauty products of all time? Touche Eclat Concealer by Yves Saint Laurent When this under-eye concealer first came to the market way back in 1992, it was the first to utilise brightening pearls in the fight against dark circles. Ultimately, the ingredient proved so popular that Yves Saint Laurent patented the formula, creating a product that remained a sell-out for 15 years. Now, other concealers have appeared that imitate this beauty classic, but Touche Eclat remains the original and best – with one sold every ten seconds around the world. Orgasm Blush by NARS When Francois Nars of the