How to apply foundation over acne!

Although it’s typically associated with teenage breakouts, acne is something that anyone can suffer with at any point in their lives. And if you’re trying to create a picture-perfect finish, it can pose a difficult challenge. After all, get it wrong and you run the risk of making your skin even more inflamed and irritated than it was before. Thankfully, there are ways to cover up any inconvenient breakouts with foundation – and here’s how. The first step, according to experts, is to make sure that your skin is properly prepared. If you don’t exfoliate before applying foundation, dead skin cells can make for a flaky finish. And after a gentle scrub, you’ll want to apply a moisturising and hydrating product to ensure a smooth base to work with. Next, remember that makeup can’t work miracles. So if you’ve got any big, bright red blemishes, you’ll want to use a