2016 vs. 2021: The Makeup Trend That is Going Viral on TikTok

On the face of it, five years might not seem like a very long time. But think what has changed since 2016. Back then, the Kardashians’ heavily contoured, airbrushed look was all the rage, 90s fashion was enjoying a comeback and looking good was all about appearing highly polished and ready for the red carpet.  Fast forward to 2021 and things couldn’t be more different. Having been deprived of parties and social engagements for the past 12 months, we’ve all been embracing our natural sides – without ditching the makeup completely, of course. Instead, this coming year is all about glowing skin, full, fluffy brows and blusher in place of bronzer.  To highlight just how much things have changed, some beauty influencers have taken to TikTok to share their interpretation of both looks, in a video trend that’s fast becoming a viral hit.  As of today, these “2016 vs. 2020”