Post break-up makeovers to make you feel better

If you’re suffering from heartbreak, there’s one guaranteed way to cheer yourself up: a dedicated pamper session. Not only will a makeover leave you looking fabulous, it will also give you some important me-time to forget all about that awful ex. Here’s our guide to the best post-breakup beauty fixes. Go for the chop It might be a classic breakup move, but there’s a reason that many women decide to chop off their locks when coming out of a relationship. In fact, many cultures believe that hair contains the “energy” of a situation – and whilst it’s still there you’ll always be reminded of the times you’ve been through. So, a haircut can be symbolic of a fresh start. And even if you don’t believe in such things, there’s definitely something cathartic about shedding the past and trying out a totally new look. Freshen up your beauty routine Getting a