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Need a makeover but don’t have time to visit your favourite salon? With our innovative new website, all the best Prom Hair & Makeup in Clay Cross are just a click away.

At we know how important it is to look your best - but we also know that hectic schedules often rule out a time-consuming trip to visit a beauty professional. But how much easier would things be if you could indulge in all your favourite treatments from the comfort of your own home? Thanks to Glamdeva, that dream is a reality.

The concept is simple - by visiting our website or downloading our app, you can browse top Prom Makeup Artists across Derbyshire and book on-demand beauty services direct to your front door. It’s easy, convenient and affordable, and there’s no stress about quality - because all the members have been vetted by us to ensure that only the very best professionals can take part.

What’s more, no one loses - busy beauty fanatics get to indulge in their fix of treatments, while salon workers get to fill any gaps in their diaries. So whether you want a total new look for a wedding or a regular hair and makeup consultation, our professionals will have you looking your best in no time at all.

At Glamdeva our customers can take their pick from a choice of Prom Hair Stylists options, all available at the touch of a button. Want to know more? Talk to us about Prom Hair & Makeup in Clay Cross today.

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